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Sisters Who Cause Trouble

I was tagged by Meg at Overdosing on Nostalgia for this blog challenge. Here are the rules:

1.Go to your documents

2. Go to your 6th file.

3.Go to your 6th picture.

4. Blog about it.

5. Tag 6 friends to do the same.

Since all of my documents are located on an external hard drive, I couldn't exactly follow these instructions exactly, but the sixth image happens to be one that's uploaded into my myspace photo album. It's an image taken nearly three years ago of my two daughters on a time out. I thought it was such a cute scene, I grabbed the nearest camera (on my phone) and snapped a quick shot. I later messed around with it and added captions.

They had been fighting over a Strawberry Shortcake DVD - I remember this vividly because the DVD ended up flying into my sink and chipped my family mug - and had refused to stop after being warned, so off to the wall they went. They stood there, sniffling and whining, while I stood watch. Afterward, they apologized like little ladies and hugged each other. Fifteen minutes later they were at each others throats again, but I didn't expect it to last ten so it was a bonus for me.

Now's your turn, ladies!

1. Col @ JamericanSpice
2. Stinka @ Hippie Liberal Mom Chronicle
3. Kerri @ Desperately Seeking Sanity
4. Susie @ Knitting Knoobie
5. Kyla @ The Hellions Mom
6. Chelle @ Her MySpace Blog



  1. JamericanSpice said...
    I love the captions! You are as always so fun.

    And you must come read mine.
    JamericanSpice said...
    Oh by the way I have an award for you. Come see

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