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The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

Vote No on Prop 8

The foundation of marriage is under attack.

I'm not talking about one man and one woman. I'm talking about the interference from governmental entities, egged on by religious groups and political parties whom feel that, while the government should stay out of THEIR business, they have every right to force their beliefs and their opinions down our throats and into our lives via that very same government.

Sure, one can argue that the foundation of marriage consists of two people who love each other and want to swear before anyone who will listen, God, country, Elvis, that they are committed to spend the rest of their lives with each other. I won't argue against that. But, for many people, ESPECIALLY of the heterosexual variety, marriage can simply be a way of making sure that they don't give birth to a "bastard", or ensuring the citizenship of someone, getting tax benefits that they otherwise wouldn't have, etc...

You know. All of the things that those whom support Proposition 8 accuse those against of doing.

They claim that marriage is under attack. I suppose when Elizabeth Taylor was marrying and divorcing her first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh husband, the state of matrimony was perfectly safe.

I guess when Britney Spears had her 55 hour marriage, that was perfectly acceptable. Didn't do anything to sully the institution.

The failed marriages of Republican paragons Ronald Regan (divorced first wife), Newt Gingrich (divorced 2 wives, now on his third marriage with his second mistress), John McCain (cheated on first wife with his now second), Fred Thompson (on his second marriage with his "trophy wife"), and Rudy Giuliani (third marriage) should definitely not have any affect what-so-ever on the foundation of marriage, should it? Maybe they strengthened the foundation of marriage by simply liking it so much, they did it many times over!

And as far as teaching about homosexual marriages in schools go, I might be a few years removed from the elementary age (okay, so I'm almost 30, whaddyagunnadonboutit, punk?) but I don't ever recall a discussion about marriage, period, until I was in high school when we had to plan a wedding for my sociology class. By then, of course, most of my political leanings had been set in stone, as is, I'm sure, most teenagers that are in school today.

But, let's say that marriage is being discussed in elementary schools right now. What exactly are they learning about heterosexual marriage? Is it a religious union or a governmental one? Does it occur with or without a dowry? First, second, third marriages - who exactly is the step-step parent? You know, these things are all questions that I'm sure must be addressed when speaking about heterosexual marriages, right?

Or is the whole "A man and woman get married to have a family" line still being tossed around? I know many a man and woman marriages that will NEVER result in a "family" of anything other than the four legged kind. Does that mean their marriage isn't a "real" marriage?

We can talk about religion, if you want, but if let's face it. Government and religion shouldn't be bedfellows. I'm sure a lot of Christians would feel quite miffed if the Jewish and Islamic laws of Halal and Kosher eating were instilled, preventing them from enjoying their bacon and eggs every morning as a governmental edict. If you're not willing to allow all religious laws (including the Christian ones, for all of you PC (pick and choose) Christians out there) then please, don't bring religion into the forming of laws AT ALL. It only makes you look like a bigot, and we know how much you hate THAT word.

Vote no on Prop 8. It's not about God, or Sex, or Children. It's about equality.


Signs FTW

westboro baptist church and me, originally uploaded by Burstein!.

As you probably are well aware of by now, I have very liberal leanings in certain areas. Gay rights happens to be one of them. So, imagine how absolutely floored with glee was I when I saw this image posted on!

And yes, that poor child is probably going to end up married to his first cousin and have cousin-children who will take his place holding signs just like he did at that age. America is definitely doomed... inbreeding will wipe us out.

Your a Looser (sic sic)

Here's a hint to the people who criticize others on political blogs for being "retarted" and "loosers": Learn to FUCKING SPELL before you call anyone mentally deficient in any way.

Let's recap some basic words, shall we?

Their is not the same as They're or There. They are homophones (not homosexual phones), but they each have their own meaning. Look it up, I'm too fucking tired and annoyed to do it for you.

Your and You're are not the same word. You can't interchange them. It's not fucking possible, so stop doing it.

Lose and Loose are also two different words, and also not interchangeable. When you call someone a "looser", you're proving just how much of a LOSER you are.

Anti-American means you're against America, not against a politician.

Patriotism cannot be compacted and stored in an American Flag Pin or a sticker on the rear end of some duct tape covered Daihatsu.

Patriotism is thinking that it's okay to shoot a moose - or not. You don't have to be 100% for or against an idea in order to be patriotic.

Patriotism is being able to see something wrong with your country and saying something about it without fear of retribution and death threats, as our constitution demands. If you're going to say that someone who criticizes the government should be shot, then everyone should be shot, and that would make this country pretty unpopulated. Mexico would be happy, wouldn't it? As would China, 90% of the middle east, and half of Europe.

Socialism is the new cuss word, and yet the largest socialist action in this country is now underway, headed by a Republican President. Soon, half of the banks and mortgage companies in this country will be owned by the government. Either socialism is bad or it isn't. You can't have it both ways.

Hussein is NOT an Muslim name. Michael isn't a Christian name, Jedidiah isn't a Jewish name, and Jong Oh isn't a Buddhist name. It's a name that derives from a specific language. Just in case you were wondering, the most prominent Muslim in this country speaks English.

And finally, will you quit with the whole "if your not voting for Obama your racist" crap? If you choose to vote for McCain/Palin, you're an idiot who is more concerned with Prada suits and misnomers than you are with the issues, but by no means does that make you a racist. Unless you're a democrat who is voting for McCain/Palin because you aren't ready for a black President. If so, then please, by all means do hang yourself with your mama's pantyhose, because there is no room for treasonous shits like yourself.

Have I pissed off enough people today?


This is what happens...

When someone needs an image to visually define the phrase "What the hell is that?"


Horizontal Junkie

I miss lying down.

The wee mite is sick, congested like no one's business, and nothing but sleeping upright seems to make him feel better. This means, of course, that I've been relegated to the role of human rocking chair, leaving me to sleep upright for the past few nights in a row.

I'm starting to have withdrawals, and it's not pretty. I've found myself leaning sideways in a chair, just to have the feeling of being semi-horizontal, and I've been quite snippy as of late. My back hates me, my ass (what little of it there is) has decided that it's high time it took a vacation and has left for Tijuana, and my neck is stiffer than an 18 year old on his first trip to the strip club.

I look forward to being able to lie down again, almost as much as I am looking forward to my baby being able to breathe through his nose again. And, as I type, my oldest mite has started that cough - and is that my throat now feeling scratchy?

Well shit.


This is what happens...

When ugly shoes and ugly purses mate.


Foot in Mouth Disease

“Do you want to keep it and invest it in your future, or have it taken by the most liberal person to ever run for the Presidency, and the Democratic leaders who have been running Congress for the past two years — Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?”

The above is a statement made today by Presidential Nominee, John McCain.

Hey, John, I'm not sure where you've been the past eight years, but just in case you weren't aware, people in the US don't exactly have much money to invest anymore. The country owes more money now than it did when the first Bush was in office, the jobless rate is increasing exponentially, and outsourcing has never been higher or more prevalent.

Also, you cannot expect the people of this country (those with working cerebellums anyway) to actually believe that the Democrats having minimal control of the house and senate have something to do with the tax guzzling wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the failed banking system (which the Republicans only helped along by not passing regulatory measures in 2005), or the low approval ratings of Republicans nationwide... can you?

I know you've only been a senator for a couple of decades, but just in case you weren't aware, the house and senate need a much larger majority than they have in order to get certain measures passed, and even when they do, they still need the approval of the President who, just in case you might have missed it, is a Republican.

So sure, you might want to blame the Democrats for the way the current state of economic turmoil this country is in, but remember that while you're pointing one finger at us, three more are pointing right back at you. And this, "my friend", is from a real American citizen, who isn't a six-pack of silver bullets or boxed wine drinking voter. Which brings me to my last point, why is it that everyone who seems to be "Pro-America" a.k.a. McCain/Palin is always referred to as Alcohol-related Somebody? If you need to be chemically altered in order to be able to agree with their policies, perhaps it's time to put down the Franzia and start drinking a little H2O because you're going to need a clear head in order to vote for the right candidate.


Cultural Contributions

Artistic expression on a personal level as done by the artist Levi van Veluw. His talent is only surpassed by his artistic vision. I see in his work not the way he views himself, but the way he feels we should view our own selves.

Art is special in that it allows us our own opinions, and no matter how far reaching it may be, we are never far from the truth, if only we were to stop and look at it through our eyes, and not those of the people around us. With my eyes, I see in this image from part of Levi's "Landscape" series, the promise of our minds and our bodies. We take so much of it for granted, and yet the potential is there, just waiting for us to utilize it for the betterment of ourselves.

Take the time, if you can, to check out his site and view the other images in his landscape series, as well as those from his ballpoint series. Some might find him a tad bit quirky, but quirk isn't necessarily a bad thing when all of that quirkiness results in the fantastic displays of imagery that you can find in his online gallery.

This is what happens...

When someone takes an idea and shits lavender colored rainbows on it.


$150k Hockey Mom?

How many people show up to their kids' hockey/soccer/football/baseball games dressed in $2k jackets? $300 shoes? With $4k hair cuts?

How many people have children whose total team costs total up to $150k?

The economy is on life support, total code blue chips, and the housing market is tanking faster than a Tom Cruise post-couch jumping movie, and yet the GOP, the purveyors of "Fiscal Responsibility" seem to think it's justified to spend more than the price of the average home costs in the US on clothes and makeup/hair styling on a woman who has done more harm to McCain's candidacy than being a cheating, superficial asshole ever could.

Hey, it's okay. I mean, this is the party that wants us to believe that Obama will spend our country into bankruptcy, as they turn a blind eye to Palin getting paid $17k to sit at home. It's okay. I get it. We Joe and Jane Six-Packs and Franzias of America should be glad that someone so lofty and powerful would deign to bless us with the recognition of merely existing.

Here's the real deal: Sarah, you're not one of us. You're definitely not me. I can't speak for my fellow Jane Franzias of this country, but I'll tell you what, I have no problem shopping at the local K-Marts and Old Navys for my clothing, or getting my hair cut at Fantastic Sam's. I don't have a problem with doing my own makeup, and tying my own sneakers, or putting on my own .99 cent pantyhose. I don't need to hire a team of advisers and nannies to schedule my kids' activities so that they stay out of my hair. I do it on my own.

With my .99 cent Wet and Wild lipstick, that I put on all by myself. Because that's what REAL Hockey/Soccer/Baseball/Football moms do. They don't spent other people's money to make them look like something they're not. Instead, they look like themselves: people who are disgusted by people like you who claim to be one of us.


Before I get started, let me make it quite clear that I am not Joe the Plumber. I never have been a Joe, never been a plumber, and never have had an interest in plumbing with a guy named Joe. I had a grandfather-in-law whose name was Joe, and a cousin whose name is Joe, and another cousin whose name means Joe, but I have never been, not now, not ever, Joe.

Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me ask John McCain and Sarah Palin why is it that Universal Health Care for the American Citizens of this country who work hard and pay taxes simply not good policy, a form of "socialism" if you will, but they have no problem with accepting UHC for themselves, paid for by our tax dollars?

Why is it that they deserve health care, but not Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack, Jane Franzia and their children?

Why is it, Sarah Palin, that Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack, and Jane Franzia cannot submit to their employers itemized bills demanding reimbursement of travel costs, while you can?

Why is it, Sarah Palin, that you seem to think that it's okay to tell the people of this country that Obama and Biden wouldn't be fiscally responsible, while you go on a $76k shopping spree (paid for by Joe and Jane out of their necessary beer funds) for clothes?

Why is it, John McCain, that you want to talk to us about the sanctity of marriage, and yet you couldn't keep the sanctity of your own marriage vows?

Why is it, John McCain and Sarah Palin, that anyone who votes for you is "Pro-American" and part of "True America", and yet those who find your hypocrisy and double standards unappealing and un-Christian aren't?


New Twilight Trailer

Call me an addict. Hi, my name is Sharon, and I'm a Robert Pattinsonholic.

Anyway, the new trailer is here!


Enjoy, and don't say I didn't give you nuttin'.



All hail the resurgence of the politico drinking game!


So where's my bailout?


Tax dollars from every single tax paying American in this country is going to be paying nearly a trillion dollars to bail out wall street, thanks to our Senators who seem to think that you, me, and everyone else can easily afford to do that.

And what do they care? Their salaries, their pensions come from tax dollars, as well. Their pay won't decrease because the economy is going to pot. They couldn't care less about the average American citizen, who will be bearing the brunt of this entire debacle.

Oh no.

$90 billion every month for Iraq and now $800 billion for filet mignon eating, Armani suit wearing, Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard home owning victims of our economy's collapse, all at the hands of we devious middle class and lower citizens who make the up majority of the work force, without whom this country would cease to function.

Where's the bailout for the people whose jobs were lost because of tax benefits for outsourcing? Where's the bailout for the people whose homes were foreclosed on because of deceptive and criminal lending practices? Where's the bailout for the people who simply tried their hardest, but it wasn't good enough because inflation just kept increasing while their pay did not?

Why is it a much more economically sound idea to give a few corporations and banks that couldn't keep their hands out of the proverbial cookie jar nearly a trillion dollars of our money, but it's not a good idea to give the citizens of this country who pay those tax dollars less than half of that to pay off their debts, and to put that money back into the economy with the spending that we were encouraged to do just a few months ago?

I'll be waiting for my check.