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Call me Noah

It's been raining something fierce these past couple of days, and though it's supposed to ease off by Monday, come Wednesday we'll be seeing more rain. I have mixed feelings about this, because though we need the rain, it's put damn kinks in my plans.

I was supposed to go to a play this evening with my family, but the rains caused our road to be closed - yay - and we had fifteen cars parked in front of our gate because the intersection just a few feet away from said gate had been overtaken by a fast flowing river that had overflowed its banks. Lovely, no? In the opposite direction was debris, more fast flowing water - though not as much - and a line of cars, a fire truck, and onlookers.

Had we left this evening, I would have been able to meet up with a dear friend of mine whom I haven't been able to see for years. Of course, had we left this evening, we wouldn't have been able to return. The way home has been closed off due to flooding. Fun.

Our neighbor's yard is completely decimated, our yard feels like a soaked sponge, and I feel like such a schmuck for telling my friends that I'd be at the play, and then didn't show up. There's not much I could have done about it, I know, but I still feel poorly about the whole thing. So, hopefully I'll be able to meet up with my friend tomorrow if the weather abates enough.

Oh, and why should you call me Noah? Because I'd be toting my two boys and two girls across the flood. Duh.

The following link takes you to a story of one of the families that lives on our street whose home was flooded just the other day because of all this rain.

This one is about the rain on my side of the island.



  1. Kerri said...
    Hi Noah...
    Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...
    Man. It's been raining animals (no pun) here as well! No flooding like in your neck of the woods, but we have to stay indoors which blows in high levels of fail.

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