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Four Years

On this day, four years ago, I gave birth to my youngest daughter, after a very difficult, and stress filled pregnancy. We were told early on that we should abort because of complications that could arise from my undergoing so many x-rays and being treated with certain medications that were detrimental to a growing fetus (we didn't know I was pregnant at the time), but I'm stubborn, but all tests that were taken later showed that my baby girl would be fine.

Fast forward to December 11, 2008 and I'm amazed at how my family has grown, and how incomplete it would be without my precious Lotte's presence. She is a light, a joy, a sweet and precocious child who never leaves you without a smile.

Happy Birthday, mommy's Bebe.



  1. Susie said...
    Happy Birthday Lotte! She sure is a beauty, Shar. Just like her Mama!
    Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...
    Sorry I am late Lotte, please forgive your Auntie Stina!! Happy Belated Lotte! You are a beauty, just like your mommy. Just looking at your photos over time shows all of the life and love that you have, especially in your bright face and smile!!

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