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A few questions for the McCain/Palin ticket

Before I get started, let me make it quite clear that I am not Joe the Plumber. I never have been a Joe, never been a plumber, and never have had an interest in plumbing with a guy named Joe. I had a grandfather-in-law whose name was Joe, and a cousin whose name is Joe, and another cousin whose name means Joe, but I have never been, not now, not ever, Joe.

Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me ask John McCain and Sarah Palin why is it that Universal Health Care for the American Citizens of this country who work hard and pay taxes simply not good policy, a form of "socialism" if you will, but they have no problem with accepting UHC for themselves, paid for by our tax dollars?

Why is it that they deserve health care, but not Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack, Jane Franzia and their children?

Why is it, Sarah Palin, that Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack, and Jane Franzia cannot submit to their employers itemized bills demanding reimbursement of travel costs, while you can?

Why is it, Sarah Palin, that you seem to think that it's okay to tell the people of this country that Obama and Biden wouldn't be fiscally responsible, while you go on a $76k shopping spree (paid for by Joe and Jane out of their necessary beer funds) for clothes?

Why is it, John McCain, that you want to talk to us about the sanctity of marriage, and yet you couldn't keep the sanctity of your own marriage vows?

Why is it, John McCain and Sarah Palin, that anyone who votes for you is "Pro-American" and part of "True America", and yet those who find your hypocrisy and double standards unappealing and un-Christian aren't?


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  1. Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...
    The answer to the last question being because their heads are shoved so far up each others rectums that they cannot see any way but down the colon. Inside that colon is their way of seeing how the US should be. Shit-stormed and sloppy.

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