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Horizontal Junkie

I miss lying down.

The wee mite is sick, congested like no one's business, and nothing but sleeping upright seems to make him feel better. This means, of course, that I've been relegated to the role of human rocking chair, leaving me to sleep upright for the past few nights in a row.

I'm starting to have withdrawals, and it's not pretty. I've found myself leaning sideways in a chair, just to have the feeling of being semi-horizontal, and I've been quite snippy as of late. My back hates me, my ass (what little of it there is) has decided that it's high time it took a vacation and has left for Tijuana, and my neck is stiffer than an 18 year old on his first trip to the strip club.

I look forward to being able to lie down again, almost as much as I am looking forward to my baby being able to breathe through his nose again. And, as I type, my oldest mite has started that cough - and is that my throat now feeling scratchy?

Well shit.



  1. Retro Housewife said...
    Ugh! Nothing worse than sick kids. Hang in there Shar.
    Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...
    I am sorry love. :( My throat has been hurting a lot too! I think you gave it to me.

    I hope my Rem Rem gets better soon and mommy!

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