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$150k Hockey Mom?

How many people show up to their kids' hockey/soccer/football/baseball games dressed in $2k jackets? $300 shoes? With $4k hair cuts?

How many people have children whose total team costs total up to $150k?

The economy is on life support, total code blue chips, and the housing market is tanking faster than a Tom Cruise post-couch jumping movie, and yet the GOP, the purveyors of "Fiscal Responsibility" seem to think it's justified to spend more than the price of the average home costs in the US on clothes and makeup/hair styling on a woman who has done more harm to McCain's candidacy than being a cheating, superficial asshole ever could.

Hey, it's okay. I mean, this is the party that wants us to believe that Obama will spend our country into bankruptcy, as they turn a blind eye to Palin getting paid $17k to sit at home. It's okay. I get it. We Joe and Jane Six-Packs and Franzias of America should be glad that someone so lofty and powerful would deign to bless us with the recognition of merely existing.

Here's the real deal: Sarah, you're not one of us. You're definitely not me. I can't speak for my fellow Jane Franzias of this country, but I'll tell you what, I have no problem shopping at the local K-Marts and Old Navys for my clothing, or getting my hair cut at Fantastic Sam's. I don't have a problem with doing my own makeup, and tying my own sneakers, or putting on my own .99 cent pantyhose. I don't need to hire a team of advisers and nannies to schedule my kids' activities so that they stay out of my hair. I do it on my own.

With my .99 cent Wet and Wild lipstick, that I put on all by myself. Because that's what REAL Hockey/Soccer/Baseball/Football moms do. They don't spent other people's money to make them look like something they're not. Instead, they look like themselves: people who are disgusted by people like you who claim to be one of us.



  1. Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...
    Brava brava!!

    Republican or not, who the hell would condone this out of their candidate of choice?? IF I were a pub, I sure as hell would be so turned off by this and all of the other antics she has taken part in during the campaign (plus the things that have came out about her before as well). I mean COME ON. IF you sit and watch this happen and you do NOT CARE, you are just as hypocritical and ignorant as SHE IS. If you say that "oh, well, she is the governor she deserves it" please insert a clue into your anus RIGHT NOW. You can shop at "low end" (low end for HER) places like Macy's and Belk and get GOOD professional clothing. F**k Saks Fifth Avenue! WTF?! Sure the candidates can't come out looking like Hank the Jank (All Gods forbid) but hells bells already!
    Sheesh. That woman can't honestly think she is like the rest of us. Some only wish they could afford the damn socks that she puts on her kids, much less.
    kerri said...
    ~As always, your words rock~

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