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Vote No on Prop 8

The foundation of marriage is under attack.

I'm not talking about one man and one woman. I'm talking about the interference from governmental entities, egged on by religious groups and political parties whom feel that, while the government should stay out of THEIR business, they have every right to force their beliefs and their opinions down our throats and into our lives via that very same government.

Sure, one can argue that the foundation of marriage consists of two people who love each other and want to swear before anyone who will listen, God, country, Elvis, that they are committed to spend the rest of their lives with each other. I won't argue against that. But, for many people, ESPECIALLY of the heterosexual variety, marriage can simply be a way of making sure that they don't give birth to a "bastard", or ensuring the citizenship of someone, getting tax benefits that they otherwise wouldn't have, etc...

You know. All of the things that those whom support Proposition 8 accuse those against of doing.

They claim that marriage is under attack. I suppose when Elizabeth Taylor was marrying and divorcing her first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh husband, the state of matrimony was perfectly safe.

I guess when Britney Spears had her 55 hour marriage, that was perfectly acceptable. Didn't do anything to sully the institution.

The failed marriages of Republican paragons Ronald Regan (divorced first wife), Newt Gingrich (divorced 2 wives, now on his third marriage with his second mistress), John McCain (cheated on first wife with his now second), Fred Thompson (on his second marriage with his "trophy wife"), and Rudy Giuliani (third marriage) should definitely not have any affect what-so-ever on the foundation of marriage, should it? Maybe they strengthened the foundation of marriage by simply liking it so much, they did it many times over!

And as far as teaching about homosexual marriages in schools go, I might be a few years removed from the elementary age (okay, so I'm almost 30, whaddyagunnadonboutit, punk?) but I don't ever recall a discussion about marriage, period, until I was in high school when we had to plan a wedding for my sociology class. By then, of course, most of my political leanings had been set in stone, as is, I'm sure, most teenagers that are in school today.

But, let's say that marriage is being discussed in elementary schools right now. What exactly are they learning about heterosexual marriage? Is it a religious union or a governmental one? Does it occur with or without a dowry? First, second, third marriages - who exactly is the step-step parent? You know, these things are all questions that I'm sure must be addressed when speaking about heterosexual marriages, right?

Or is the whole "A man and woman get married to have a family" line still being tossed around? I know many a man and woman marriages that will NEVER result in a "family" of anything other than the four legged kind. Does that mean their marriage isn't a "real" marriage?

We can talk about religion, if you want, but if let's face it. Government and religion shouldn't be bedfellows. I'm sure a lot of Christians would feel quite miffed if the Jewish and Islamic laws of Halal and Kosher eating were instilled, preventing them from enjoying their bacon and eggs every morning as a governmental edict. If you're not willing to allow all religious laws (including the Christian ones, for all of you PC (pick and choose) Christians out there) then please, don't bring religion into the forming of laws AT ALL. It only makes you look like a bigot, and we know how much you hate THAT word.

Vote no on Prop 8. It's not about God, or Sex, or Children. It's about equality.



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