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Your a Looser (sic sic)

Here's a hint to the people who criticize others on political blogs for being "retarted" and "loosers": Learn to FUCKING SPELL before you call anyone mentally deficient in any way.

Let's recap some basic words, shall we?

Their is not the same as They're or There. They are homophones (not homosexual phones), but they each have their own meaning. Look it up, I'm too fucking tired and annoyed to do it for you.

Your and You're are not the same word. You can't interchange them. It's not fucking possible, so stop doing it.

Lose and Loose are also two different words, and also not interchangeable. When you call someone a "looser", you're proving just how much of a LOSER you are.

Anti-American means you're against America, not against a politician.

Patriotism cannot be compacted and stored in an American Flag Pin or a sticker on the rear end of some duct tape covered Daihatsu.

Patriotism is thinking that it's okay to shoot a moose - or not. You don't have to be 100% for or against an idea in order to be patriotic.

Patriotism is being able to see something wrong with your country and saying something about it without fear of retribution and death threats, as our constitution demands. If you're going to say that someone who criticizes the government should be shot, then everyone should be shot, and that would make this country pretty unpopulated. Mexico would be happy, wouldn't it? As would China, 90% of the middle east, and half of Europe.

Socialism is the new cuss word, and yet the largest socialist action in this country is now underway, headed by a Republican President. Soon, half of the banks and mortgage companies in this country will be owned by the government. Either socialism is bad or it isn't. You can't have it both ways.

Hussein is NOT an Muslim name. Michael isn't a Christian name, Jedidiah isn't a Jewish name, and Jong Oh isn't a Buddhist name. It's a name that derives from a specific language. Just in case you were wondering, the most prominent Muslim in this country speaks English.

And finally, will you quit with the whole "if your not voting for Obama your racist" crap? If you choose to vote for McCain/Palin, you're an idiot who is more concerned with Prada suits and misnomers than you are with the issues, but by no means does that make you a racist. Unless you're a democrat who is voting for McCain/Palin because you aren't ready for a black President. If so, then please, by all means do hang yourself with your mama's pantyhose, because there is no room for treasonous shits like yourself.

Have I pissed off enough people today?


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  1. Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...
    Maybe you pissed off enough for you myspace friend number to drop. Again. :) Stop procrastinating "friends" and drop already! lol

    Anyways, I am dying over the socialism BS. Everyone has been throwing that word around an awful lot lately. I doubt half the people that have even know what it is. WIKI PEOPLE WIKI! (lol wikipedia)

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