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Obama is King?

I'm quite annoyed by the scripture used in the latter part of this interview with which the Pastor quotes that in Isaiah 3:22, the bible says that God is our Judge, God is our Lawgiver, and God is our King.

Okay, first of all, PASTOR, Isaiah 3:22 talks about removing from women their fancy garb and adornments as a means of punishing them for flaunting their wealth and sexuality amongst the poor and downtrodden whom have remained faithful. So, before you start throwing scripture in my face, at least make it RIGHT.

Second, how can ANYONE expect to believe you'd know what a muslim is when you can't even quote the book you would demand everyone be faithful to correctly?

Third, if Obama WERE Muslim, so what? Does it really matter when the past 8 years under a CHRISTIAN president have seen far worse times than we've had in the past 50?

Fourth, don't ignore the plain truths before you regarding our constitution and the words by which the forefathers of this nation bore so that we'd be able to demand equality with regards to our practicing of faith of OUR choosing, and not anyone else.

Fifth, you claim that Obama isn't a Christian because he says that there might be more than one path to God. In my first point, I made clear that your statement was incorrect. However, had you been correct, you're still insinuating that the President of this country would be King, which one, goes against the whole idea of Democracy, which our forefathers were fighting against in the first place, two, violates that pesky little commandment about thou shalt have no other Gods. What is a King but a man-god on a throne? You would have us label the President as King, and worship him? Hardly.

Lastly, you have not proven that Obama is a Muslim. His name isn't Muslim, the people that raised him aren't Muslim, and the way he lives his life definitely isn't Muslim, in ANY sense, so please... tell me how is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim in anything other than your own imagination?

Lord, save me from your followers.


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  1. Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...
    Amen. No pun intended. Not really.

    For sure though. I am so SICK sick SICK of:
    Fifth, you claim that Obama isn't a Christian because he says that there might be more than one path to God.

    If I have heard that once, I've heard it a trillion times. WTF. If that doesn't make Jesus cry silently and shake his head, then I don't know what will.


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