As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

Words... cannot describe...

The unbelievable feeling of disgust I am feeling at the incompetent and irresponsible Senate that we have in this country.

They go against the people's wishes when they agree to a disgustingly exorbitant fourth home mortgage for the disgustingly wealthy bailout package, they push us further into debt than we already are, and now, when the auto industry, the nations LARGEST EMPLOYER (both directly, and indirectly by proxy) IN THE COUNTRY is floundering amid a recession that NO ONE wants to admit we're having except the people whose names AREN'T at the head of some government firm dealing with the economy, those very same Senators who said that the massively outrageous method of paying for breast jobs and face lifts for second wives to feel better about themselves because of their husbands' fourth mistresses bailout would help KEEP jobs in this country, KEEP the economy going, KEEP us from slipping into the "R" word, and subsequently the "D" word, are refusing to help.

Well here are sixteen words for you, Senators from every state that is against helping out the average Bobs, Michaels, Jills, and Janes of this country who pay for your Armani suits and Lobster dinners: If you're not going to do the fucking job you were paid for, you're fucking fired!



  1. Retro Housewife said...
    Having lived in Michigan for 9 years and seeing just how important the industry is I can't believe there is even a question of lending them money! They are now estimating the Wall Street bailout will now cost tax payers over $4 trillion. A mere $25 billion to try and save 3 million jobs seems like a pittance.

    Oh, and did I mention that my husband works for an airline whose biggest contract was flying freight for Ford? Yeah, they just laid off 300 employees and are looking to sell the remaining scraps of the company.
    |s|h|a|r|o|n| said...
    Oh God, Meg, that bites! Good lord, I'm telling you, we have shits running this country - droppings of human fecal matter who care nothing for the mess they're making, and only about how many flies they can get.

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