As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.


Looking in the mirror
Loathing what you see
Unable to find the purpose that you're meant to fulfill
Following in footsteps
Unable to relate
You've got a lot of time left to kill

So follow your ambitions
to be nothing but sorry
and follow your traditions
of losing just more than faith
You've got a long way, baby
to fall before you

Look around
no one is watching
look and see
no one is paying any attention
to you
and you're all alone because your self-hate
showing through

Will yourself away
keep on taking chances
on your soul
you'll never realize how
on your own you are
and when you do
you'll se
your self-hate is showing through



  1. Lacutest of Borg said...
    Good lord Sharon! I want to call child protective services. This woman is obviously unstable and to have that baby cursing lie that?! Tsk! NOT cool.
    |s|h|a|r|o|n| said...
    Nattie, you know I got so upset, I wanted to reach through my screen and totally slapa... There are just some things you don't do. Teaching your child to be a vulgar, self-hating heathen is one of them.
    Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...
    Cripes. OH. MY.

    No words. Just sadness.

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