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Insulting Working Women By Proxy

I'm adamantly against the McCain/Palin ticket when it comes to this year's Presidential election, as one can probably surmise by my previous posts. I'm not a fan of McCain's lack of backbone, and I definitely am not a fan of either of their politics, associations, and affiliations. Their beliefs rankle me to no end, and I'd rather suck my big toe than have to hear John McCain say "my friends" one more time.

However, despite my inability to accept these two as anything other than a desperate bid by the GOP to retain their control over the White House, I have to come against those whom support Obama who feel it perfectly acceptable to criticize Sarah Palin for her choosing to work, rather than stay home with her children. She's a mother, much like many other female politicians, and her children are yet minors, including her newborn son, Trig. It's been pointed out that while her 4 other children are old enough, and involved in enough activities to not really be affected negatively should she work during the day, the fact that she has a newborn, and that he has down syndrome should be reason enough for her to stay home. "It's what a good mother would do."

I'm not a fan of her politics, but the fact that Sarah Palin has a child who happens to be disabled in some fashion does not negate her ability to work, nor should it be a factor in her choosing not to. She's just as capable and just as deserving of an honest wage as anyone else in this world, and if she happens to make those wages serving her people, then why should it be an issue? Have we time warped back into the 50's? Is she supposed to put on an apron, some pearls, and have a martini waiting for her husband when he comes home from work, while he dreams of pushing their two twins beds together for quick fornication session of baby making proportions? Hardly.

We have female doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, firefighters, postal workers, architects, etc... All balance their professional lives with personal in some shape or form. Why is it that THIS woman suddenly "cannot" perform this job? Why is it that her child is suddenly more needy than any other child in the history of the world with down syndrome? I understand the need for him to be supervised more so than her other children. He'll need more attention, more patience, more of everything, but that doesn't mean she cannot provide it, albeit in some other form. Why is it that a father can leave a child, but a mother can't? Especially if the mother is capable of bringing in the better paycheck?

Perhaps it's a male ego thing. I know many males don't find the idea of a woman making more than he does too appealing. It's an ego buster, emasculating if you will, to know that you don't get paid as much as a woman. However, a lot of the vehemence I have heard and read come from women, who are so appalled at Sarah Palin's choice to work, and not just work, but run for office, that they've started calling her names that really don't belong in the same category, if we're going to be focusing solely on her profession.

The rationale that a woman who has a child with a disability should stay home comes from that deep, dark place that needs to find something, anything, to cling on to, in hopes that it blocks the view of others from your own personal shortcoming(s). The notion that a child with a disability cannot be raised by just its father has the ring of idiocy to it, with a touch of "that's effing stupid" for good measure. The reasoning that Sarah Palin should step down because she's got to take care of her 5 children is asinine because she has her spouse, her family, herself right there to continue the role of MOM, just as much as she has all of them to support her should she fill the role of Madam Vice President as well.

Say what you will about Sarah Palin. I know I will. But what should not be said is that she shouldn't be working just because she's a mom. Perhaps all of these women who are so opposed to Sarah Palin doing what she was nominated to do should stop listening to Dr. Laura and start listening to Donna Summer. BTW, Dr. Laura, an adamant opponent to the working mom, worked throughout her child's entire adolescent life. If it's good for the goose...


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  1. JamericanSpice said...
    Brava honey.

    I just can't believe people still think women belong in the kitchen and bedroom.

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