As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

It's always the Democrats

The $700 billion dollar Wall Street Bailout didn't pass the house today, which is no big surprise. As a result, the Dow plummeted over 770pts, the largest drop ever, and the domino effect will probably be felt for at least the next 2-5 years. Now, while I'm particularly glad that the bill did not pass, what upsets me is what transpired shortly after the votes were tabulated and the final results were announced.

The Republicans, who overwhelmingly voted against the bill, blamed the Democrats for the bill not passing.

It was Nancy Pelosi's fault, apparently, because she did not unify the two parties with her speech prior to voting, and rather alienated the GOP. Sure. Because the GOP are always working so hard to unify with the Democrats, right?

Give me a break here. The bill failed because Republicans and Democrats both did not want it. More GOPers than Dems, but the end result is still the same. Rich, white collar fat cats are extending their hands out for billion dollar payouts, and John Q. Public would have gotten shafted. Again.

This is one time when both parties should admit to blame here. We're in an economic crisis, but the Republicans, rather than say that they didn't vote for the bill because it was wrong, instead say they didn't vote because the Dems didn't "include" them? This isn't high school anymore, this isn't Revenge of the Nerds, and this definitely isn't a Mean Girls sequel. This is the lives of every single American rolled up into a nice $2333.33 package that none of us can afford.

Stop with the games and let's get on with putting this country back together again.



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