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Only Terrorists from Islam are Evil

That seemed to be the running theme during tonight's RNC speeches.

Rudy Giuliani repeatedly stated that Islamic Terrorists were this and that. Mitt Romney also declared that Jihadist Islamist Terrorists were evil.

I, personally, was under the impression that all terrorists were evil. It didn't matter what religion they happened to belong to. Perhaps I was wrong all this time.

Terry McVeigh isn't evil. The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, wasn't evil either, apparently. ELF isn't a terrorist organization. Matter of fact, as long as you're not a Muslim, you're not evil, because only Islam is evil.

I sit here, shaking my head, while listening to the ramblings of confused and bitter conservatives chanting what sounds a lot like "white power" to the rants of those who would have us believe that if it's not Jesus Christ, it's just not right. I wait for the Ann Coulters of the world to start ripping off their skirts and laying down for the plethora of wide stances that rests on the cusp on one gigantic Republican orgy of hypocrisy, bigotry, and double standards. We've already witnessed adultery, misogyny, fornication, and idolatry on one stage, in one night, so why not add a little bit more?

Conservative my ass.


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  1. Christina M. said...
    Amen to this. They are a bunch of old F%&*s, bitter as all get out.

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