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An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer

Dear Ms. Meyer,

I began writing this letter many times in my head before I finally decided to put thought to actual word. I have felt a multitude of emotions the past few days as I absorbed the details of the recent update to your website regarding the future, or lack thereof, of the fifth and final installment of the Twilight Series, Midnight Sun. While they pale in comparison to the gamut of emotions that you have experienced as a result of the breach of your personal and public space, they do run deep, and have left me feeling bereft as well, albeit in a way that a bystander who was incapable of stopping a tragedy from occurring would feel.

I have read, reread, and then read once more, each of the books in your Twilight Series. The method in which you tell a story, while simplistic and unfettered by unnecessary descriptions that detract from the overall flow of the storyline, had a way of pulling one in, taking them to a place that makes them reach out in an attempt to actually touch a hanging branch, or to breathe deeply, hoping to catch that all too lovingly and deliciously described scent. Twilight captivated millions of readers in a way that the written word simply has not been able to do before.

It brought one deep into the heart of literary bliss, and made them believe in magic, and most importantly, love. It transported people to locales far away from their problems, their worries. They fell in love with your characters, hurt with them, cheered them, and consoled them. A love/hate relationship formed with all of us, each one dying for our own personal love story to be as brilliant, as heartwarming as that which you have chronicled in your writing. It was what kept so many of us up late at night, when we should have been sleeping. It kept us from completing assignments, chores, and other mundane things that could simply be put off, if only to find out what happened to Edward and his Bella.

And now, to know that after all that you have given to us, your fans, that there were those who would betray you to the point where your heart is so wounded that you feel incapable of completing the story for us, even if it wasn't necessarily finishing it, but rather giving it the framing it needed for display, hurts and disappoints me, and so many other fans of yours and this series. It is a betrayal to all of us, too, who have waited patiently and who trusted in you, your willingness to give us every puzzle piece left in this art piece of yours.

It is why, while I may feel selfish enough to beg you to finish the story, I understand your inability and unwillingness to do so. It hardens my heart, while shattering it all in the same instance, to know that I might never know the thoughts of a character that I have come to love and endear so greatly, all due to the selfish and self-serving need of some individuals, but you have suffered a far greater injustice than I or anyone else can even imagine for ourselves, and I do not want to cheapen that.

I simply want to say that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the gift you have given to all of us. I have the written word that you have blessed us with, the stories, the moments, the laughter, and the tears that have been shared time and time again over the pages that bear your thoughts to remind me every day that you have given us far more than we could ever give you in return. Thank you, Stephenie, for Edward, Bella, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Jacob, Carlisle, Esme, Renee, Charlie, Sam, Seth, Leah, and all of the other characters that exist in the world that you created for us in your Twilight series.



  1. Susie said...
    Beautifully written as usual though I think you may be a tad obsessed. JUST a tad.
    |s|h|a|r|o|n| said...
    Sue, you're absolutely correct in your assessment of my (benign) obsession, although I tend to get that way with all of my favorite authors. Unfortunately for Ms. Meyer, she happens to be one of the few that are still alive.
    Retro Housewife said...
    Petition! Petition! Petition! Where do I sign?
    Liberal I am. Bonafide I be. said...
    I have to get this addiction.
    Retro Housewife said...
    Did you know you can read the entire manuscript on her website? I just read chapter 1 and it is interesting.
    |s|h|a|r|o|n| said...
    Actually, it's not the entire manuscript. It only goes up to the chapter before Confessions. I read the entire thing last night, after struggling with my want to read more, and my need to remain faithful. I lost to myself, and damnit, it makes for an interesting take. When you're done reading it, re-read Twilight again. You'll go "so THAT'S why!" more times than you can count!

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