As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

Analysis of a dumbass

What makes up a dumbass?

There are many components, really. For starters, there are the feet. Two normally useful appendages commonly utilized for walking, are merely transportation devices meant for the delivery of dumbassdom to any vicinity. Next, we examine the hands. Capable of creation for most people, the hands of a dumbass are capable of only ridiculous gesticulations during some rabid attack of interpretive dance induced, gogo dancing inspired diatribe about politics. Confused? Imagine how the dumbass feels.

Now we come to the mouth. Less environmentally friendly items have come out of Chernobyl than from this orifice. With the ability to drop a pound of bullshit in a single syllable, the mouth of a dumbass could be its most formidable weapon. Of course, all one need do is wait for the rest of the word to realize that it'll most likely be mispronounced, a few extra syllables added on for effect, and completely taken out of context. (e.g. Strategery)

But, before we lay all of our eggs in the basket of oral idiocy, let us not forget the eyes. The eyes are the windows into one's soul, it has been exclaimed. In the eyes of a dumbass, all you're usually left wondering is if you'd do more harm than good with some windex.

Finally, we have traveled to the brain. Truly the core of the dumbass, the center of its own universe. What riddles can be solved here? What mysteries shall we uncover the truth to here?




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