As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

I'm a horrible person.

I'm not going to deny it. Why deny the undeniable? The plainly obvious? The blatant?

Why the character bashing? Simple. There are days when I read about someone dying, and I ask "why not THIS person? Why did it have to be THAT person?" Today is no exception.

LeRoi Moore died today, and the first thought in my mind was "why not Paris Hilton?"

Mean, no?

LeRoi was the Sax player for Dave Matthews Band. You couldn't miss him, whether in concert or in videos. He fit into that puzzle of musical genius like any round peg in a round hole would. Him not being there anymore must be very difficult to take, I imagine. The band must feel bereft. I know that the music world sure is. It can only pale in comparison to the feelings of those who've known him, loved him, and embraced him like his bandmates and family.

LeRoi Moore died today. I feel such a profound loss, it's weird, Many of you might not recognize the name, but you'll definitely recognize his face, and his sound. He played the sax for DMB, (Dave Matthews Band), and was always an integral part of the group. His music will be missed. DMB will never be the same.

Of course, none of that could EVER compare to what Paris Hilton has given us.

and let's not forget...


Okay, so she wasn't in it, and her porn tape hadn't come out yet...but you just KNOW she had something to do with that horrible shit!!

Oh, and she kills kittens.

Anyway, aloha 'oe, LeRoi. You're going to be meeting some mighty fine musicians where you're going, and I have no doubt you'll be making beautiful music together. Just be sure you send some of it down to us, will you? I don't think we can handle another "Stars are Blind" album...



  1. Christina M. said...
    I didn't know about this until today. :( So sad!!

    And yes, I must be horrible too because now, a wonderful person who has contributed much to the world is gone from our lives. Then, in that place we could possibly gain another Paris wannabe (Ali Lohan).
    Mama Sharon said...
    Ick @ Ali Lohan. That poor girl looks older than an antique.

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