As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

Heart Heavy (A poem blog)

the weight of tears
brings down my face
no smile could rise above it
so long have I dreamt of it
nightmares calling my name
the darkest day
clouded futures
no light could shine down the sorrow
no talk of moving on
the sharpness of this new pain
makes a heavy heart
touch the ground
I can no longer carry
it around
in my chest
my mind
my soul
my spirit
I'm aching
to leave it all behind
and this heavy heart
has bruised me
the marks
all over
tell the story
of melancholy
and something not far behind it
why do I feel the need to weather
what I know will never abate
the words and actions of another
that brought me crashing down
falling heavy
on my

(copied from my old myspace blog 6-16-08)



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