As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

I'm just renting this train of thought

I've already received a few complaints about the layout. It doesn't view well in firefox, the main browser for just about everyone I know, and you know what? That's perfectly okay. It's only temporary. I plan on working on the perma-layout in the next few days, and basically know how it's going to look, graphics and all. It's going to be totally different esthetically from the daisyflight blog, mainly in its tone.

I'm trying to sell something there, people!

Flushing out thoughts requires me to be absorbed. Dark, dank, dreary. I was an emo kid in another life.

As for what reasoning is behind the title of this blog, it's quite simple: some of the best things I have ever read was written on the wall/door of a public bathroom. I actually read one of my favorite quotes for the first time ON a bathroom door. It's not a coincidence that the famous Rodin statue, The Thinker, looks like he's sitting on a toilet.

I cannot guarantee that what I'll submit here will be the best I've ever written. I can only admit to it being the best I was capable of submitting at the time. I am not the Cindy Crawford of Blogging. I'm more of a Stacey McKenzie type. I don't have to constantly keep my veneer of perfection up. I can be who I am, freckles and all. That seems to be the hardest part for many bloggers, from what I have seen. They try so hard to keep it "good", keep it "fresh", keep it "pretty". There's nothing pretty about beauty. Especially if that's all anyone ever wants.

So anyway, there you go. I'm not perfect, won't ever claim to be, and definitely won't try to. In the blogosphere, I'm an insignificant blip, a lone pixel in a 10x13 ai file. I'm just one of many, swimming upstream, hoping that one day, my eggs will hatch.

And if you're wondering how many more metaphors and analogies I can fit into this blog, don't. You'll never come up with a figure high enough.

So, enjoy the read, hate it, or feel nothing. Either way, I'm going to keep on posting. My only concession is that, once again, I will be changing the layout soon.


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