As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

Mother (A Poem Blog)

you never know
who's going to turn on you
use you
abuse you
lie when they say they'll choose you
choose you over everything else
telling you to forget yourself
there's no one else
no one left
no one there
stop acting like you really care
liar liar liar liar
catching lies and tear drops
in my hair
because my head is down
in shame and defeat
while you beat
me down with your words
stomping on me
with your words
so full of spite
and hate
choking me
I suffocate
as you penetrate
the last vestige of my heart
I wait
to hear it shatter
like glass
this state
I am in now thanks to you
is thanks to me
and what my eyes
my once clear eyes
my once happy eyes
refused to see
because you sowed nothing
with your seed
that you wished to set
not me
no apologies

(copied from my old blog on myspace 7-22-08)



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