As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

You gotta love stalkers ♥

Or just pissed off people who have nothing else going in their lives.

I have apparently pissed off someone to such an extent, they felt the need to bombard my YIM box with IM after IM of vitriolic asshattery. It was annoying, really, to wake up at 5:30am and see in my offline box message after message from some numerical identity. Apparently all of the GOOD names have been taken. (I know who took them all...that fucking dog food pusball...)

Now, I'm not upset at what was said. I can guarantee you it takes a lot to upset me. (Live with my mother for a year and see if you don't develop a thick skin, too.) It's disturbing, though, knowing that someone out there is so deranged, so demented, so...hurt *tear* by something I did or SAID that they felt the need to act out in such a childish manner.

I'm not going to guess who it was. I could, and probably be right, but there's no need for it. What's done is done. I now know that I have affected someone so much so that they cannot leave it alone (as if we didn't know that already) and felt the need to stretch that hand across the internet to try and touch me back. Well sorry, oh spiteful hand o'douchebaggery. You're an insignificant peon whom should experience just that: being peed on. I reported you for spamming, but Yahoo being Yahoo, you'll probably just be given a warning. 47 times.

Of course, I'll still be here. Laughing at you.

BTW, the NEXT time you PM me, it's "COULDN'T" care less. Not "could". Could implies that you care. And I know you care. Otherwise my PM box would have only been filled with PMs from my friends. You know. The kind that don't have to pay for it.




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