As Seen On The Bathroom Wall

The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

Place (A Poem Blog)

If words fail me
forgive me
I've lost my way from mind to mouth
I simply forgot how to tell you
I love
in every sense
the words may hold
because you may not understand
that I ask nothing in return
and I don't
expect you to need me back
the same way I need you
to breathe
My lungs can be full of you
and still I need more
to make the very skin on my bones sing
and you
all you need do
is smile to make me warmer than anything
I could hold in my hands during the cold
I feel so
at home
when you're around
and I am content
to simply see you
and ask nothing of you
other than to be
simply be
I have found where I am

(copied from my old myspace blog 7-22-08)



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