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A Question of Loyalty

I posted this in a forum I have started to revisit after a year long hiatus, and felt like re-posting it here as well.

No ulterior motives. Genuine interest. Contrary to popular belief.

This is a serious question that I think EVERYONE should answer HONESTLY to the best of their ability.

Do YOU consider yourself to be a "LOYAL" friend.

I know that there are some who are only loyal to themselves while portraying the opposite. Those types are easy to sniff out, although they can't seem to smell their own stink. I want to know what you think of yourself. You can be as vain or as self-defeating as you want. No judgements.

I'll go first.

I DO consider myself to be a loyal friend. I hurt when my friends are hurt, and I admit that sometimes, they hurt because of me. I am honest with them, and often times, that hurt stems from said honesty. I don't take any of it back. It's not good for the soul, imo. I stand by my friends even if it hurts me, as they stand by me, or not. My choice, my consequences. I have faltered in many things with my friends, and I try to make amends when the need arises, or has been brought to my attention. I am not perfect. I don't expect anything from anyone except honesty. That might be my biggest failing, since human nature prevents us from being honest all of the time, whether intentionally or due to self-preservation, but I am also forgiving. My second biggest failing would be that I also hold grudges like a bitch in heat in a house full of cats. I simply do not forget shit, and if a "friend", or someone who wasn't truly my "friend", betrays me, or someone I DO consider a friend, well, you're on my shit list for life. I don't profess to be a turn the other cheek Christian, but I do ask God for help in that department, and for the last few years, the only answer I've gotten has been "no", so I apologize in advance to anyone whose feelings I'll hurt because you hurt the feelings of my friends. I cannot get any more loyal than that.



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