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The best ideas come while sitting on the pot.

Twilight (A poem blog)

Even in the misty memory of this addled mind of mine
I still see you so clearly
never lost a fraction of time
your voice always inside my head
your breath always on my skin
your touch always sending me
to you
and I
forget to breath
forget to see
forget to be anything
but me
forget to cry
forget to die
forget to fall down
instead I grow wings and fly
be near me
be far away
stay away from the future
the future's today
from the sun's first crest above my head
to the twilight that shimmers when it has set
I won't forget you
I won't forgive you
for never giving me a chance to say I wanted this
and I
forget to breathe
forget to believe
forget to be
anything but the love you see in me
begin to cry
begin to sigh
begin to fight away any chance
of saying goodbye
to my heart
without you there's no will to live
without you there's no heart to give
it was never mind to give away
it's been yours since forever
since always



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